ニコル・グループの企業理念             Corporate Philosophy

The way of Excellence 限りないエクセレンスを求めて
Maintaining our unique starting position as a Japanese company with a blend of the best Japanese and European management philosophy, strategies and systems, we are dedicated to the marketing and servicing of foreign products of outstanding excellence in quality at a reasonable price to a selected group of customers.


EXCELLENCE エクセレンス ・・・ 卓越性、さらなる高みを求めて

Excellence is our overall corporate keyword. We will at all times strive to maintain the highest excellence in products and customer services offered, as well as in corporate manpower.


Organization 組織 ・・・ 日本と海外の経営思考融合による強い競争力

The unique blend of the best Japanese and foreign management thinking provides the conceptual basis to stay abreast of competition and to secure stability for our organization in times of future global changes.


Satisfaction 満足 ・・・ お客様にご満足頂くことを第一に

Our organization is fully committed to customer satisfaction and hence we will listen to every customer with a strong heart and a clear mind.


Openness 開示性 ・・・ お客様や従業員の意見・提案に耳を傾けます

All management levels will always cultivate a dynamic spirit, noted for innovation, creativity and openness to suggestions from our customers and employees.


Standards 水準 ・・・ お客様のニーズに応える高い水準

The product range provided by our organization will meet the highest standards in terms of performance, quality and sophistication, to satisfy present and future customer needs and demands.


Fairness 公正さ ・・・ お客様にとって正当であることと、ニコル・グループの利益

We are well aware of the importance of maintaining an overall balanced cost/price ratio to ensure fair prices to our customers and a sound profit situation within our organization.


Culture 企業文化 ・・・ スポーツマンシップ

Our corporate culture encourages sportsmanship within the organization, showing personal competitiveness and fairness, matched by a personal appearance which reflects the pride in being a member of our group of companies.


Motivation モチベーション ・・・ 人を最大限に生かす

Our responsibility to every employee includes performance riented remuneration, while providing necessary business conditions and instruments in an orderly, clean and safe working environment.


Balance バランス ・・・ 調和のとれた公私

All members of our organization will safeguard a healthy balance between their work and private life, by engaging in suitable recreational activities.


Vision ヴィジョン ・・・ 将来への展望を見据えて

We shall never be satisfied with the present and will continue in our perpetual search for further improvement, providing excellence to our organization whilst showing compassion towards society.